At the beginning I was ME – Magda. A book lover and student who had too much free time and a head full of ideas. For several years, I was involved in various book undertakings, until finally I discern a bookmarks calling and I met Magda, who is an amazing illustrator. Later, another Magda appeared,  who took care of the job, which I did not have time for and knew better about some things. I do not know if it was destiny, but EpikPage is: ME – Magda, Magda and Magda. Yes, we are three boring book lovers who have the same name. Destiny, right?
Because reading is awesome...
  • Unique & Hand-made
    We are polish (Poland is a cool country in Central Europe) producer of handmade items for book lovers. We create wonderful (at least we hope so) magnetic bookmarks and book related things.
  • Carefully Crafted
    Our items do a really, really good job! They were desgined by book lover and they are handmade job – it is a guarantee that an awesome, unique bookmark/magnet/buttons/posters will land in your hands. Our products are made of the best raw materials, and the packaging is made of recycled raw materials.
  • We sell at Etsy
    Our products can be found in our store on Etsy, and we are proud that we already have 1 500 positive opinions.

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